Top 5 Principles of an Effective Addiction Treatment Program

Posted: August 21, 2015 by in Better Hope Addiction Recovery

Better Hope Addiction Recovery

Substance addiction, especially with alcohol and drugs, affects many facets of a person’s life and treating this kind of disease has never been easy. An effective addiction rehabilitation recovery program must help the person stop abusing alcohol or drugs, keep a life free from substance abuse, while achieving a healthy functioning in the family, work and society at the same time. An effective substance addiction treatment program usually implements various modules; each module is designed to address a specific effect and consequence of the substance addiction.

 Addiction is a complex disease that affects the brain

Alcohol and drug abuse alter the brain’s normal functionality that may even last even after quitting the destructive habit. This is often the explanation why many recovering addicts struggle from relapse even after years of being sober.

No Single Treatment is suitable for everyone

A treatment plan that is effective for one patient may not have the same effect in other patients. Thus, a customized addiction rehabilitation recovery program is often needed. The treatment program depends on the type of drug abused. The treatment settings, services and intervention will also depend on the patient’s specific needs. This kind of treatment will give patients higher chances of success in recovery that will eventually lead him/her in living a normal life away from substance abuse.

Treatment must be available anytime

Due to the fact that many people who are struggling with substance addiction may not be certain about entering rehab and getting treatment, Better Hope Addiction Recovery says that it is important that the services and facilities are available the moment they decide to seek treatment. Potential substance abuse patients can immediately change their minds if treatment won’t be directly available. Just like any other chronic illnesses, the earlier that the patient receives treatment, the greater the chance of getting positive results.

An effective treatment meets the multiple needs of patients, not just the effects of substance abuse

To be considered as an effective approach for substance addiction, treatment must address the other underlying psychological and social issues of the patients associated with his/her substance addiction. Better Hope Addiction Recovery suggests that the treatment must be tailored based on the patient’s gender, age, background and culture.

Having sufficient time to stay in treatment is crucial

The length of the patient’s stay in the rehab will always depend on the type of addiction as well as the particular needs. Many studies have indicated that addicted people must stay in treatment for at least 3 months in order to effectively quit their destructive habit of abusing alcohol and drugs. Substance addiction recovery is a long-term procedure and often requires several periods of treatment.

A highly effective addiction rehabilitation recovery program for substance addiction has a positive effect not only to the addicted individual, but also the family of the patient as well as to the whole society through the improvement of mental and social functioning of the patient. Though substance addiction treatment can be tough, it is still can be managed successfully. Treatment allows individuals to overcome the destructive effects of addiction on the brain and the body and helps people to rebuild a healthy life without the presence of alcohol and drugs.

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