How To Live Life To The Fullest After Addiction Recovery

Posted: August 15, 2015 by in Better Hope Addiction Recovery


If you or a loved one has gone to addiction intervention, assessment, detox, treatment rehab and recovery, have you ever thought about life after the recovery? Maybe you’re thinking how you will pass the time or what will you do in your free time; how you’ll support yourself or your loved one; or if you or your loved one will be able to stay clean. If you don’t have plan yet, I encourage you to start making one.

Find a Job

It doesn’t matter whether you land your dream job that will pay your bills. Now is the perfect time to find employment. Well, I know the stigma attached to former addicts in the work market, but don’t feel discouraged. Remember, it’s not who you were in the past, you’re a new person today. Now that you have recovered from drug and alcohol addiction, you have regained your self-confidence and have acquired a particular set of skills and talents to be a productive member of society.

There are lots of people who can help you in the job hunt. You can meet other professionals at a local library, career center, or college. You can also ask your therapist, rehab counselor, recovery coach, in a drug rehab or some addiction intervention in Virginia who can vouch for your character and be a positive reference. Shortly, begin to look for a career. It can be the classified ads of a newspaper or online job sites. You can take classes to update your skills at a community or online college. With these tools, you’re on your way to finding a career that fills your free time and gives you a purpose.

Encourage and Help Others Avoid Addiction

After your successful addiction recovery, you can share your success with others who are struggling with their recovery. Encouraging others by telling them the things that you have experienced and struggled with: show people how far addiction rehab took you and what it takes to succeed. Look for opportunities to share your story, your success, and your hope with the struggling addicts.

You can also start within your recovery group. You can share your testimony with others and look for someone to sponsor you. You can also ask for civic and religious organizations in your community for the chance to tell your story. By offering tips for getting and staying clean, you can also encourage other families with ideas on how they can help an addicted loved one. With the number of people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol today, your success story can inspire hope to many people who want what you have.

Stay True to Your Recovery

No matter what else you do after rehab, you need to stick to your treatment plan. I know you’ve done a great job staying sober up until now; but, I have already seen many recovering addicts relapse after years of recovery. Why did they relapse and start using again? It’s because they stopped working on themselves and the treatment program. You should never think that you’re above addiction now and have beat substance addiction. Stay true to your recovery every day.

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