Best Gifts to give to a Recovering Addict

Posted: January 13, 2015 by in Better Hope Addiction Recovery


Maybe your loved one who is in recovery is celebrating his/her birthday, and perhaps you are wondering what the perfect gift you can give them. Well, there are numerous gifts that you could buy for a person trying to overcome their addiction, or maybe you are looking for something that can be helpful for their difficult time while in recovery.


Each treatment center recommends their patients to begin a diary or journal and write in it every day. This can be an instrument for the patients to express their feelings and relieve stress. Through this journal patient will remain focused on recovery and stay mentally balanced. Good thing about this journal is that a person can keep it for years, even decades. This is something that each recovering addict should have.

A real “Rush”

Addicts used drugs to encounter new experiences. Well, why not share an experience with them? Something that offers a real ‘rush’ like hot air balloon ride, bungee jumping, sky diving, river rafting, mountain climbing, or anything that is extreme. For those people who doesn’t like extreme, you can take them out for a dinner, camping, or anything that could be unforgettable for them.


Well, some addicts may be a book worm but some are not but a book about addiction recovery, sobriety, and self-help can make a great gift for them. It may provide them wisdom, advice, encouragement, and help them occupy any boring times.

Here are examples of good books you can give to them:

1. Chicken Soup for Recovering Soul: Your Personal, Portable Group with Stories of Healing, Hope, Love and Resilience.

2. Zen of Recovery by Mel Ash

3. Living Sober by AA World Services, Inc

4. Slowing Down to the Speed of Life by Richard Carlson and Joseph Bailey

A Special Night

If you’re limited with money and you want to do something extra special for the recovering addict. You can cook them their favorite meal and top it off with their favorite dessert. After dinner you can put on a movie or go outside and stargaze. It sound simple, but this simple gestures will be appreciated by them. Showing that you care and support your recovering loved one can do wonders and can truly be the perfect gift.

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