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Better Hope Addiction Recovery

Substance addiction, especially with alcohol and drugs, affects many facets of a person’s life and treating this kind of disease has never been easy. An effective addiction rehabilitation recovery program must help the person stop abusing alcohol or drugs, keep a life free from substance abuse, while achieving a healthy functioning in the family, work […]


If you or a loved one has gone to addiction intervention, assessment, detox, treatment rehab and recovery, have you ever thought about life after the recovery? Maybe you’re thinking how you will pass the time or what will you do in your free time; how you’ll support yourself or your loved one; or if you […]

Alcohol Addiction Symptoms of Alcoholism

When the effect of alcohol wears off, your alcoholic loved one may show signs of withdrawal symptoms. These may include being jumpy or shaky, and having a headache. Some may struggle with insomnia, irritability, and depression, along with fatigue or bring drained of energy. In more severe cases, alcohol addicts can experience hallucinations, confusion, and […]

What are the Most Commonly Used and Abused Drugs

The most commonly used and abused drug, after alcohol is marijuana. Other common drugs of abuse include heroin, cocaine and inhalants. The causes of addiction are family members who have struggled with an addiction, an abusive or neglectful childhood, mental health issues and depression, and the use of drugs at a relatively young age.

Sobering Facts

Abuse of drugs and alcohol affects every aspect of people’s lives and worst, it even causes death. Following are some facts and statistics about alcohol and drug abuse. Alcohol and drug facts and statistics: Each year, more than 17,000 motor vehicle crashes are alcohol-related. Drunk driving causes death every 30 minutes. In 2009, 10.5 million […]

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