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Alcohol Treatment Centers VA is helping people recover from drug and alcohol dependency, regardless of their age, circumstances or drug abuse history. Drug and alcohol dependency damages families, friendships, and relationships, and those affected by substance abuse frequently don’t know how to get assistance or who to ask for help. Fear and disgrace keep them quiet because of a cultural tradition that labels addicts as criminals and degenerates. Stop the seemingly endless cycle of negativity! Alcohol Rehabilitation Services Chesapeake, VA recognizes that everyone has the ability to improve their lifestyle for the better by ending addiction. Speak with a recovery professional about the best way to end drug and alcohol abuse; call 757 251-9257 now!

Risks of Alcoholism and Alcohol Addiction

Many physical diseases, medical complications, and psychological disorders can result from the complicated ways alcohol interacts with the human body. Probably the most well-known effect of drug and alcohol abuse is liver damage, like cirrhosis (hardening of the liver). Steatosis (fatty liver), alcoholic hepatitis (liver irritation), and fibrosis (formation of excessive tissue within the liver) can also form. The liver processes and cleanses toxins from the body, so a degraded liver may slowly lead to a painful death. Other organs are also in jeopardy, like the pancreas, which starts to create poisonous substances if alcohol is consumed, and can lead to pancreatitis. Also, alcohol is understood to cause cancers of the mouth, esophagus, throat, liver, and breasts. Additionally, drinking – even binge drinking on a single occasion – cripples the immune system and will cause users to be prone to illnesses like pneumonia and typhoid. Other prevalent medical conditions among alcoholics and alcohol abusers are heart damage, stretching of the heart muscle, irregular heartbeat, and stroke.

The brain is adversely affected as a result of alcohol use. Even binge drinking has dangerous side effects, including:

  • lowered inhibitions
  • motor function impairment
  • confusion
  • irritability
  • coma
  • breathing problems
  • death

Alcohol can have many negative effects on the body, and alcohol use disorders usually accompany other disorders. Alcoholic recovery Center addresses clients who are not only affected by alcohol use disorders, but the other psychological issues that frequently accompany it. Misuse of alcohol will also increase the danger of:

  • car injuries
  • violent and risky behavior
  • suicide
  • homicide

Custom-Designed Treatment Programs

A custom-created therapy program is the best method for addressing alcohol and drug consumption because people all have different needs. Alcohol Addiction Treatment Chesapeake provides affordable, efficient rehab programs that may be completed in one, two, or three months, depending on the patient’s requirements. It’s occasionally possible to achieve long term sobriety in a one month program, but usually the longer treatment lasts the more likely that the addict is able to maintain their sobriety goals. At Recovery drug center, every client’s individual circumstances are analyzed during the intake period, and this allows the most efficient and most beneficial treatment plans to be developed. They offer the best combination of affordable outpatient costs, blended with the same 24-hour monitored care that is expected in top quality inpatient facilities.

How Better Hope Addiction Recovery Will Help

Depending on the significance of the alcohol use disorder, a detox procedure may be required before rehabilitation can start. Detoxing without clinical assistance is extremely harmful for chronic alcoholics, and may be fatal. Consequences of alcohol withdrawal can vary from mild to very serious, such as:

  • shakiness
  • agitation
  • headache
  • nausea
  • trouble sleeping
  • rapid heart rate
  • pupils different size
  • visual hallucinations
  • temporary loss of consciousness

Better Hope Addiction Recovery’s provides a safe, monitored setting to detoxify from alcohol. All procedures are overseen by a qualified clinical staff. Detox facilities must only be used to help the addict withdraw from their substance of abuse, and should not be mistaken for treatment. Treatment, or rehab, is the only way to truly experience recovery. For more details regarding alcohol use disorders, locations of rehabilitation centers, or for advice about coping with alcoholism, please contact Better Hope Addiction Recovery’s specialists at 757-251-9257.