Five sneaky ways marijuana is derailing your life

Posted: December 13, 2016 by in Better Hope Addiction Recovery

marijuana addiction

Marijuana, many claim, isn’t an addictive substance.  However, there’s a reason it’s called the gateway drug.  The high you get from smoking weed could eventually lead you to hunger for a more substantial high.  You may dabble in other drugs and become addicted to more severe substances.  Before you know it, you’re in way over your head.

In that case, marijuana rehab is the best bet for you.  Still, think that marijuana is just a harmless substance?  Check out these five sneaky ways this drug may be derailing your life.  If you’re in any of these five situations (or even more than one), it’s time to get the help you need and enroll in drug treatment today.

  1. 1. You spend too much money on weed — Marijuana isn’t exactly cheap.  However, you have to get your fix, so you spend what you need to get some weed.  This may lead to some strange and potentially risky behaviors, like selling off old household items you don’t need anymore (and some that you do), working extra hours or taking on a second job to afford your next hit, skipping bill payments, sinking into debt to save your money, and stealing items or cash.  As you can see, your life can go off the rails quick!
  2. 2. You only hang out with dealers or other weed smokers — Your friends and family just don’t get it.  You’d rather be alone or spend time with your dealer.  Other weed smokers, who you’ve met as you’ve gotten deeper into your habit, are also your new best friends.  The other people in your life feel hurt and abandoned.
  3. 3. Marijuana has gotten you in trouble with the law — Above, we mentioned how your need to smoke weed could lead to you stealing to get money for what you want.  However, you could be on the police department’s wanted list for other reasons.  In the majority of states, it’s not legal to smoke or possess marijuana.  If the cops catch you with this drug, and especially if they catch you smoking or selling it, you could spend years in jail.  That could wreck your life.
  4. 4. You’re skipping school or work to smoke — If you do trudge into school or work, you can barely concentrate.  You’re either high or thinking about getting high later.  More often than not, though, you take days off at a time to smoke alone or with a few of your marijuana buddies.  If you’re in school, missing too many days could lead to expulsion.  Throwing away your education can prevent you from ever getting a good job later in life.  If you’ve already graduated high school or college and work full-time, missing too many days could get you fired.  If your boss finds out you smoke weed, it could also cost you your job.
  5. 5. You always want to get higher — You’re almost never sure whether you’re high or not.  Even these days, smoking weed doesn’t seem to affect you the way it used to.  You get high, but you barely feel it.  You want to keep getting higher, so maybe you try a drug like cocaine or even heroin.  However, you’ll get hooked on those at some point too, and as you continue to search for ways to get higher, it could cost you your life.

Those who need marijuana addiction treatment should contact us at Better Hope Addiction Recovery.  We treat all forms of addiction, like alcohol and other types of drugs.  Our compassionate care can help you navigate through your addiction.  We’ll help you through difficult withdrawal, counseling sessions, and preparation for a return to your life post-rehab.  Contact us today to learn more or enroll.

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