Five Convincing Reasons You Should Detox from Alcohol at a Rehabilitation Center

Posted: November 18, 2016 by in Better Hope Addiction Recovery

alcohol addiction

You’ve finally admitted it.  You have an alcohol addiction.  Your friends, family, and other loved ones have pushed you to finally try rehab, but you’d really rather not.  After all, you can detox from alcohol on your own, right? It can’t be that hard, you say.  You’ll just go cold turkey and be okay from there.

However, withdrawing from a substance is never a pretty process.  It’s painful, it’s uncomfortable, and it can feel like hell on earth.  If you’ve never tried to detox before, you won’t be sure if the aches and pains you’re experiencing are normal or not.  You may keep drinking to mask the pain, sending you deeper into addiction.

Here are five reasons to enroll in addiction treatment centers for detoxing instead of doing it alone.

  1. 1. The pain — As mentioned, withdrawal is painful.  There’s no other way around it.  You were addicted to this substance—alcohol—and probably consumed it daily for months or years.  Totally and suddenly quitting is going to throw your body into a tailspin.  Are you ready to deal with that alone?
  2. 2. The other symptoms — Oh, but that’s not all.  Besides the intense pain, you’re also likely to experience uncomfortable symptoms, including an increased heartbeat, exhaustion, depression, insomnia, headaches, upset stomach and vomiting, and anxiety.  You may not be hungry and you may sweat more often.
  3. 3. The duration — These symptoms don’t just disappear after a few days.  It takes your body a while to adjust to this new and uncomfortable change.  It could be weeks before these symptoms abate.  Are you prepared to go that long by yourself without reaching for the bottle again? That’s a lot to ask of anybody.
  4. 4. The lack of guidance or support — As you’re tangled in the throes of addiction, your self-talk is probably increasingly negative.  You may think you’re a failure for becoming addicted in the first place.  You may think you’re a loser because you can’t handle the withdrawal process.  This negative self-talk is not the kind environment you need to detox successfully.  You need the encouragement of trained medical staff who can help you through this tough time.
  5. 5. The potential for medical emergencies — In the most extreme cases, detoxing can lead to life-threatening side effects.  These have been fatal in some rare instances.  In other cases, patients may experience heart failure, seizures, and hallucinations.  You don’t want to take the chance and assume you won’t experience those symptoms.  If you’re surrounded by professional staff members at an alcohol rehab center, they can save your life if you suffer from those side effects.  If you’re alone and don’t act quickly enough, the situation could possibly turn fatal.

Taking that first step and admitting you have an alcohol problem can be scary, but not as scary as detoxing alone.  You won’t know what to expect, and you may be ill-prepared for the aches and pains.  At Better Hope Addiction Recovery, we can help you detox effectively.

While you may think that it doesn’t matter where you detox, that’s simply not true.  An alcohol rehab center like ours is prepared to deal with all the symptoms of withdrawal, even the potentially life-threatening ones.  Our addiction treatment centers sometimes even offer holistic care for a more natural road to sobriety.  Call (757) 251-9257 to Find Help Now!

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