Considerations to make when choosing a drug rehabilitation center

Posted: November 22, 2016 by in Better Hope Addiction Recovery

drug rehabilitation center

It’s not easy to admit when you have an issue, especially a big issue like drug addiction.  You should be commended for the actions you’ve taken thus far.  However, your work is just beginning.  Whether you reached your decision alone or had the help of friends and family, you know you need help.

However, you’re not sure which rehab facility is for you.  There are so many drug treatment centers out there.  How should you pick? You want to make sure that you’ll receive comprehensive care.  You want to work out the roots of your addiction, go through withdrawal, and learn to live a life without drugs so you can hopefully avoid relapsing.

Here are five other considerations that you should keep in mind when picking a drug rehab facility.

  1. 1. Whether they have a sober living facility — As mentioned above, relapses do happen.  If you go back to your old life after getting out of a drug rehab facility and spend your time with dealers or junkies, hanging out in your old haunts, you’re likely to slip back into that old behavior again. That’s why a rehab program that includes time at a sober living facility stands out so much.  You can preview what your life will be like without drugs to potentially prevent future relapses.
  2. 2. The duration of the program — You can’t get over your addiction to drugs in a matter of days.  That’s just not how it works.  You could be withdrawing for a few weeks.  Once that’s done, you need behavioral therapy and possibly other medical care.  If a program promises fast results in days or weeks, keep looking.  A good program may include several weeks or months spent at the facility.
  3. 3. The cost of the program — The more comprehensive the care, the more the program will probably cost.  In some cases, your health insurance provider may be willing to cover part of the cost of the treatment, and sometimes even all of it.  Make sure you reach out and speak to your health insurance representative about what kind of coverage to expect.  If you have to pay completely out-of-pocket, you’ll know.
  4. 4. The quality of counseling you’ll receive — As you’ve probably guessed by now, not all drug rehab programs are created equal.  The short ones promising quick results may rush through or skip therapy altogether.  However, this is a very crucial part of your treatment.  You need to talk about why you got addicted and what about that life that was so appealing to you.  You need to be armed with tools and tricks that can help you avoid temptation once you leave the facility and lead a brand new life.
  5. 5. The supportive atmosphere — You also need to be surrounded by people who want to see you succeed and get sober.  The doctors, counselors, therapists and other staff at a professional rehab facility will all work in tandem to help you rebuild your life free of addiction.  With that encouragement, you will feel like you can successfully navigate a world in which you don’t regularly use drugs.

Those who want a drug addiction treatment that works should contact us at Genesis Addiction Centers.  We offer help for those dealing with mental health issues and addictions to drugs and alcohol.  We believe in a holistic, natural treatment and can aid in detoxing, dual diagnoses, and behavioral and medical care.  To learn more about enrolling in our drug treatment centers today, give us a call.

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